How to keep teabag packing equipment

sachet packing machine factoryHerbal tea packing maker are extensively made use of in herbal tea packing, and also some medicine as well as various other fields which need within as well as outside bag. Therefore cleaning job is actually specifically necessary, after that exactly how to cleanse it appropriately?

1, frequently inspect the technical parts as soon as a month, including the worm, worm pole, greasing block screws, bearings and other activities become part of the flexible and wear disorders, located issues must be actually promptly repaired, certainly not required to utilize.

2, the machine needs to be actually positioned in a tidy as well as tidy indoor use, not in the environment consisting of acids as well as various other harsh fuels on the body system of making use of places.

3, pouch packing machinery after making use of, you need to take out the revolving drum to tidy as well as clean the remaining material within the bucket, at that point put in as well as get ready for upcoming time.

4, when the drum in the job occurred before and after relocating, please change the main bearing movement M10 screw to the necessary place. If the cog shaft is actually moving, adjust the M10 screw to the proper position on the rear of the bearing framework, adjust the space to bring in the bearing no noise, hand pulley, elastic necessary, as well tight or even too loose might damage the maker.

5, if devices during the course of blackout for a number of years, the maker needs to be wiped clean the entire body system, the smooth portion of the maker coated with anti-rust oil, along with a great fabric.

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